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Hip Preservation Service
Adult Orthopaedics

Hip Preservation Service



Ernest L. Sink, MD

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2021 Surgical Volume: 913

Hip preservation is a relatively young field in orthopaedic surgery. Many questions remain about the best and most effective treatments for patients with hip pain and dysfunction. The Hip Preservation Service is committed to establishing best practices for operative and nonoperative care by utilizing the excellence of care, education and research at HSS.

Recent Achievements

Stephanie Swenson Buza, MD, led the establishment of the new Performing Arts Medicine Collaborative at HSS. The aim of the collaborative is to provide world-class, comprehensive care to dancers, musicians and performers. The program brings together more than 20 experts from a range of specialties that includes surgeons, sports medicine doctors, physiatrists, radiologists, physical and occupational therapists and podiatrists.

This past year we were privileged to welcome physiatrist Heidi Prather, DO, to the service. Dr. Prather’s clinical and research interests include the lifestyle medicine approach to musculoskeletal care with a special interest in gender differences, pre-arthritic hip disorders and their relationship to pelvic girdle and lumbar spine disorders.

Also in 2021, Dr. Sink and Edwin Su, MD, were elected to the Hip Society.

Notable Studies

Haeberle HS, Ramkumar PN, Karnuta JM, Sullivan S, Sink EL, Kelly BT, Ranawat AS, Nwachukwu BU. Predicting the Risk of Subsequent Hip Surgery Before Primary Hip Arthroscopy for Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome: A Machine Learning Analysis of Preoperative Risk Factors in Hip Preservation. Am J Sports Med. 2021 Aug;49(10):2668-2676. doi: 10.1177/03635465211024964. Epub 2021 Jul 7. PMID: 34232753.

Haskins SC, Tseng A, Zhong H, Mamic M, Cheng SI, Nejim JA, Wetmore DS, Coleman SH, Ranawat AS, Nawabi DH, Kelly BT, Memtsoudis SG. Anterior Quadratus Lumborum Block Does Not Provide Superior Pain Control after Hip Arthroscopy: A Double-blinded Randomized Controlled Trial. Anesthesiology. 2021 Sep 1;135(3):433-441. doi: 10.1097/ALN.0000000000003853. PMID: 34237132.

Mayer SW, Fauser TR, Marx RG, Ranawat AS, Kelly BT, Lyman S, Nawabi DH. Reliability of the classification of cartilage and labral injuries during hip arthroscopy. J Hip Preserv Surg. 2021 Mar 6;7(3):448-457. doi: 10.1093/jhps/hnaa064. PMID: 33948200; PMCID: PMC8081415.

Looking Ahead

The service includes members from other disciplines across HSS, including sports medicine, arthroplasty, trauma, radiology and physiatry, who meet each week to discuss optimal nonoperative or operative treatment for patients with challenging and complex hip conditions. This approach gives surgeons and patients confidence in knowing that these complex conditions were thoughtfully discussed by experts from different viewpoints. We maintain a registry of patients discussed in the conference for later review and evaluation of outcomes, to both highlight the importance of this multidisciplinary effort and optimize outcomes of treatment.

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