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Senior Vice President: JeMe Cioppa-Mosca

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HSS Rehabilitation and Performance is committed to providing patients with the best and most innovative care to meet their needs throughout the continuum of care. During the COVID-19 crisis, our team quickly adapted their delivery of therapy and wellness services to a virtual environment to ensure the ability for patients to access this care. More than 54,000 outpatient therapy visits were performed via telehealth in 2020, since its launch on March 26, 2020.

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HSS clinicians provided more than 54,000 outpatient rehab telehealth visits in 2020.

Throughout this transformation process, our clinicians recognized that a different set of skills was needed to ensure thorough and objective telehealth evaluations to both the adult and pediatric population. We are pleased to share their expertise in the publication of the digital e-book HSS Rehabilitation Telehealth Evaluation Guidelines for Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy.

It is currently available on Amazon and will soon be released in a paperback edition. To educate our future colleagues in the profession, HSS Rehabilitation and Performance also partnered with the New York New Jersey Physical Therapy Clinical Education Consortium to present the exclusive webinar “The Art of Telehealth PT Examination: An Evidence-Based Approach.”

Recent Achievements

In 2020, the department partnered with the HSS Innovation Institute to progress clinical and research-based initiatives with DARI Motion, which is a markerless-based motion capture system that can be used in any typical rehabilitation outpatient center. HSS completed a non-published quality assurance trial establishing a baseline comparison to the MAC marker-based system utilized in the Leon Root, MD, Motion Analysis Laboratory at HSS. The results of this trial provided confidence to proceed with a current study looking at reliability of multiple DARI systems and continued research into a method to conduct a more intensive validity test between markerless and marker-based motion capture systems.

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DARI Motion…is a markerless-based motion capture system that can be used in any typical rehabilitation outpatient center.

From the clinical perspective, HSS partnered with DARI Motion to create a Lower Extremity Movement Assessment. This program will eventually be offered as a module available to all DARI Motion users. A similar module for assessing the overhead thrower will begin construction in early 2021.

DARI systems have also been installed at seven outpatient locations throughout the HSS Rehabilitation and Performance enterprise. The clinical goal with the use of DARI in our centers is to provide a reliable tool to measure human motion and allow practitioners to incorporate the objective parameters of movement with the principles of quality of movement into one system.

Looking Ahead

One-on-one preoperative physical therapy education sessions were piloted in March 2020, prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, initially offered as an in-person visit in the Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Center to the total joint arthroplasty patients of one HSS orthopaedic surgeon. Patients who receive a preop PT session are instructed on specific post-surgical activities and are introduced to online surgery-specific rehabilitation guidelines.

Following the re-opening of HSS for elective surgical procedures in June, the pre-operative physical therapy program expanded rapidly. Both in-person and virtual sessions are offered to the patients of all the surgeons on the Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement service. In-person services are now available at the HSS Main Hospital in a dedicated suite, and regionally at HSS Westchester and HSS Paramus. On average, upwards of 200 preoperative physical therapy sessions are provided on a weekly basis. The goal is to expand this program to all total joint replacement patients, regardless of service, in 2021.

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